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Research Capsule was founded by industry veterans with a combined 30 years' experience in market research and forecasting. As former users of market research, the founders realize that sharp and clear messages are just as vital as the content itself. We understand the importance of providing actionable conclusions and useful data points to our clients. This is why we include clear recommendations in each report for players across the value chain. We provide quantitative scores such as ReCap's “Market Readiness Scores” which highlights addressable markets.

We understand that market change is happening faster than ever, and companies need to uncover opportunties in related markets. Therefore our goal is to sift through hype and track real trends in the mobile and connected world. We offer “readable reports” for busy decision makers.


Leadership Team

  • Peter Bryer, Co-founder

Peter Bryer Peter was a senior manager at Nokia where he worked in several corporate-level business development roles. He has worked in standardization management, foresighting, and strategy development. Peter has also worked on business development projects for major consumer electronics and medical device companies. He has lectured at universities, conferences, as well as government and corporate events.

Peter has a degree in finance from the University of Connecticut and information technology from the University of Lund in Sweden.

  • Raghu Rajagopal, Co-founder

Raghu Gopal Raghu brings more than 20 years of research and operational experience to Research Capsule. A market research industry veteran, Raghu was vice president of operations at a leading market research firm prior to founding Research Capsule. He started his market research career in 1990 as an analyst in the technology group. In more than two decades at the company, he held various business development, sales, and marketing roles.

Raghu has an MBA in Finance and Information technology from the University of New Haven, CT, USA

  • Bill Slocum, Senior Editor

Bill Slocum Bill Slocum is a professional journalist with more than 25 years of professional writing experience. Bill has written feature articles for publications such as The New York Times, Connecticut Magazine, and Greenwich Magazine. Bill’s creative and entertaining writing style catches the attention of readers and helps make business messages an easy read.

Bill has worked on communications projects for companies such as Accenture, Fluor, Duff & Phelps, Major League Baseball, and The Creative Group. Bill graduated from The University of Connecticut with a degree in English.