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June 12, 2014: Introducing Research Capsule, Inc. A new and experienced market research firm. Sometimes snacks are better than meals

Research Capsule delivers readable research reports which are concise and to the point.

Research Capsule, Inc. is a technology market research firm specializing in off-the-shelf market reports for the mobile and connected world. We focus on uncovering new opportunities for business development executives. Founded by experienced managers from international technology companies, Research Capsule is based out of Santa Clara, California, with offices in northern Europe and India.  []

Research Capsule provides high quality research to help customers draw clear and actionable conclusions from the deluge of information that is currently available. We highlight opportunities using unique scoring methods. Our solutions weave together the expertise and insights needed to navigate the complex challenges companies face today. Research Capsule understands that communicating the message is as important as the message itself, and therefore works with top-notch writers who know how to present our research clearly and directly.

Research Capsule uses its experience in technology foresighting, consumer understanding, data mining, primary research, and financial analysis to uncover new markets. With the handset industry maturing, now is the time for companies to look for new opportunities in such areas as mobile finance, healthcare & well-being, and the internet of things. It’s time to look ahead… and sideways to adjacent industries. Commoditization happens to most hot industries: transistor radios, televisions, PCs. When it’s time to move on, Research Capsule can help.

Research Capsule analysts have worked in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. We understand both developed and developing markets. The depth that our analysts bring to the table spans projects involving handset industry analysis, standardization strategies, use case development, product innovation, and strategic foresighting. Specific industry segments covered include smartphones, smart home networking, and mobile services. The technological expertise, marketplace vision, and flexibility to fulfill customers’ unique needs differentiates us from our competitors.

Features of our work:

  • Unique. Research Capsule specializes in mobile foresighting and forecasting, looking ahead rather than at yesterday.
  • Research Capsule methodology includes macro and micro data points.
  • Super clarity. As former users of research data, Research Capsule analysts understand the importance of cutting to the chase and providing the big picture.
  • Industry-specific, deep domain knowledge, joined with technological expertise.
  • Unbiased reporting.
  • Professional integrity, bold recommendations.

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