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Terms & Conditions

1. Copyrights: Research Capsule, Inc. publications are copyright protected per protocols of the Universal Copyrights Convention and the U.S. Copyrights Office.

2. Liability: Research Capsule, Inc. will not be liable for any information printed, expressed or implied in any of our publications.

3. Returns: There are no returns. Once purchased, all sales are final. Review information about a report before placing your order including description, table of contents, report highlights, etc. Please contactResearch Capsule, info@researchcapsule.com with questions about methodology, coverage, scope or limitations.

4. Single User License: The individual ordering is the sole license holder and may not distribute contents of the publication in whole or in part in any format.

5. Single Site License: All licenses are for internal use only and may not be distributed in whole or in part in any form to third parties without the written permission of the copyright holder, Research Capsule, Inc.

Please email info@researchcapsule.com when in doubt. We will be glad to help.